Chef: Jun Takahashi
Cuisine: Japanese
Opening Hours: Lunch 12-1.30 pm; Dinner 6.30-9 pm, closed Sunday
Seating: 12
Telephone : +852 2520 5218

Kashiwaya’s kaiseki cuisine upholds the traditions of Japanese culinary arts while integrating modern tastes and ideas. The tale of the four seasons woven into each course entices the five senses, allowing one’s heart to frolic and play.

Head chef Jun Takahashi trained under Hideaki Matsuo, owner and head chef of the original Kashiwaya in Osaka, which opened almost forty years ago, and worked there for twenty years before opening the first overseas outpost, in Hong Kong. Adherence to the original’s style and recipes has earned the Hong Kong restaurant two Michelin stars.

MUST TRY: Ise lobster served rare with deep-fried bean curd.

Blond wood, screens and a minimalist décor reflect the purity of the cuisine. Renowned Japanese dyeing and weaving artisan Sachio Yoshioka decorated parts of the restaurant while the walls are adorned by sumi-e ink paintings by famous potter and painter Shiro Tsujimura. The sliding doors are by 11th-generation craftsman Kenkichi Senda.

Service is traditional Japanese style, in which every need of the customer is anticipated, although so discretely that it all appears very natural.

There are three kaiseki set meals available for both lunch and dinner, with nine, 10 and 11 dishes served (plus a lunch-only set menu with six dishes). The menus are created according to the seasonal ingredients available, and served with a poetic rhythm on tiny, perfect dishes. For the kaiseki cuisine, all the seasonal ingredients are flown in from Japan, including the soft water for the cooking of the rice.

HK$1,800 to HK$4,000

The original restaurant is venerable, one of the most famous outlets in all of Japan, and the Hong Kong venture creates this in an atmosphere that is entirely Japanese. The price reflects this, but it is cheaper than going to Japan.

8F, 18 On Lan Street
Central, Hong Kong
Hong Kong SAR
Contact for reservations:
Phone: +852 2520 5218
Web: Kashiwaya

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